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Rhodri Davies

Opinion Rhodri Davies 7 March 2020

Bezos’ $10bn donation should not pitch philanthropy and taxation against each other – that would be a zero-sum game

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ recent major foray into philanthropy came with the announcement that he is going to commit $10 billion to combat the global climate crisis. The world’s richest man has previously been criticised …

Special feature Rhodri Davies 29 May 2018

Riding the tiger of technological change

Philanthropy support organizations have a vital role in ensuring that disruptive technology leads to change for the better Technology is opening up new opportunities to empower marginalized and disenfranchised communities around the world, and new …

Analysis Rhodri Davies and Fran Yeoman 9 January 2018

Philanthropy should fund the media for its own sake

Many are starting to ask whether general support for journalism as an end in itself should constitute a valid focus of philanthropy; given the recently renewed acceptance of the idea that news gathering and reporting …