Is philanthropy ready to decolonise?

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To mark the publication of our special feature on decolonising philanthropy, Alliance hosted an event for almost 1,000 registrants around the world

‘Participatory philanthropy is very key in the conversation of decolonising philanthropy. Can anybody share best practice models that have worked well? Rose Afful, African Women’s Development Fund, Ghana  

‘Philanthropy sometimes tends to pick specific areas/problems, have a narrow view of solutions, only pick people whom they know or speak similar language. I have seen here in Africa America foundations only fund white-led NGOs and don’t give enough opportunity for local NGOs.’ Danny Gotto, Innovations for Development (I4DEV), Uganda 

‘True decolonising methods and community-led approaches are more expensive and take more time for deep-rooted impact, than cookie-cutter approaches that look to superficial targets that don´t generate true impact. This is hard to swallow for the wealthy.’ Alison Guzman, MHz Foundation, Chile 

‘Can the panellists please reflect on what are realistic ways in which grantees can team up and advocate for more equitable, locally empowering, and funding that is actually going where it needs to go – general support!? How do grantees speak powerfully to donors without ruining relationships?’  Naila Farouky, Arab Foundations Forum 

To watch the event, go to: 

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