Power is a complex issue

Robin Heller

The Alliance editorial and lead article introducing the issue on Royal Philanthropy raised thoughtful questions about covering some of the most consequential donors in the world: royalty. Yes, there are very specific power dynamics when we engage with and solicit from members of royal families. But we often forget that there is power on the charities’ side of the equation, too. Any funders, and royalty is no exception, rely on charities and other NGOs to fulfil their mission. Charities ensure that funders fulfil their desire to demonstrate impact, benevolence, and relevance. Funders rely on charities that are well run, with compelling missions, effective boards, and demonstrated impacts. No funder, including royalty, can do anything without a partnership with charities and NGOs. That’s power, and it is held evenly by funders and charities alike.

Robin Heller
RHI Fundraising

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