4Cs assessment framework launched

Organizations serving philanthropy are often tasked with proving their worth to their board, funders, and other players in the field. Important services provided by these organizations are often immeasurable by traditional standards. How do you measure increased collaborations? New connections? What about influence on the field? How about the impact on philanthropy in a region? Do traditional assessment frameworks make sense?

For many of our members, the answer was ‘no’. Over the course of the last 18 months, WINGS and DAFNE members have embarked on a peer-learning journey to assess the very basic question that many philanthropy infrastructure organizations have: how do we evaluate, then communicate, our impact?

WINGS members learn about the 4Cs through members of the 4Cs peer-learning group at WINGSForum 2017 in Mexico City.

The answer: the 4Cs – an assessment framework for organizations serving philanthropy.

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