APPC contributes to publication on global philanthropy

APPC board members reflect on the role of philanthropy in addressing regional and national issues in APPC’s contributory chapter to the upcoming book on global philanthropy to be published by the Network of European Foundations’ Mercator Fund. Entitled ‘Creating the Future through Philanthropy’, the chapter also discusses the impact of the global financial downturn on philanthropic activities and responses to the crisis in the Asia Pacific region.

The chapter begins with a review of the traditions and origins of giving in various Asian countries. Along with the views of APPC board members, the piece highlights the insights of other philanthropy advocates and Asian scholars on how Asian societies have successfully continued philanthropic activities during the crisis. The chapter also cites innovative initiatives that illustrate that philanthropy indeed has the potential to create the future of the Asia Pacific region. These include successful partnerships between various sectors to promote giving and volunteering, donor education programmes, and the harnessing of new sources of giving, such as from diaspora communities to support development programmes in home countries. The chapter concludes with a set of recommendations to further strengthen the sector and promote better philanthropy.

The book is scheduled for publication in late 2009.

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