APPC – Supporting database development for greater diaspora giving

Giving by the diaspora has reached significant levels in a number of countries, yet it is often hampered by lack of information. At the APPC conference on diaspora philanthropy, held in Hanoi last May, the need was identified for more reliable sources of information for both diaspora organizations and individual givers so that they can locate and give to their preferred causes more efficiently and effectively.

As a follow-up to the conference, the APPC Board has approved four grants to support various organizations in Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and the Philippines to provide seed money for database-focused projects that will map out and help to develop the relationships between the giving and receiving end of diaspora philanthropy.

The results will mean that, for the first time, Bangladeshi givers based in the US and UK will be profiled and their giving documented. In China, the existing information gap about diaspora giving will be filled in. In Pakistan, the database system development will include a linkage with the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy’s database of certified NGOs to encourage more giving. In the Philippines, hometown associations will be directly connected with givers wanting to support community development projects that have the participation of local government bodies and business.

These follow-up projects and the 2008 regional conference were made possible by a grant from the Ford Foundation.

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