CIVICUS – Strengthening NGO accountability

CIVICUS screenshotAs the network of civil society organizations continues to proliferate across the globe, the sector faces increasing pressure to respond to growing concerns about legitimacy, transparency and accountability. A new initiative of CIVICUS, the Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability (LTA) Programme, launched in July, aims to tackle this.

This eight-session interactive webinar series seeks to address one of the major challenges organizations cite when considering internal accountability initiatives: lack of support and information to take principles into practice. The webinar series is designed gradually to build CSOs’ knowledge and ability to take forward activities within their own organization and networks. It will do this through practical sessions where participants learn about methods and techniques they could use in their organization and networks. The project is coordinated by CIVICUS, with contributions from experts and CSOs sharing their experiences of accountability mechanisms. It is a free service, coordinated and facilitated by CIVICUS LTA programme officer Adele Poskitt.

Sessions include: ‘Ensuring compliance to accountability mechanisms’; ‘How to ensure downward accountability’; ‘Self assessment and peer review to improve accountability’; and ‘Measuring impact as a key component of accountability’.

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