September 2010

Philanthropy advice: a profession in search of standards

Volume 15 , Number 3

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September 2010

Philanthropy advice: a profession in search of standards

Volume 15 , Number 3

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The special feature for this issue is called ‘Philanthropy advice: a profession in search of standards’. The guest editors are Melissa Berman of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Felicitas von Peter of Active Philanthropy, and Olga Alexeeva, formerly with CAF, now heading up the new Philanthropy Bridge Foundation. A recurring theme throughout the issue is the lack of, and need for, professional standards in the field. In addition to articles by each of the guest editors, the special feature includes interviews with donors about how they see philanthropy advice and an article in which nine philanthropy advisers from around the world discuss what happens when either good practice or their own views conflict with the wishes of the client.

The special feature also includes a group of articles on philanthropy advice within banks, with interviews with the heads of philanthropy at four private banks, an overview of the situation in emerging markets, and an article looking at the dangers of bad practice.

This issue of Alliance also includes interviews with Maria Chertok of CAF Russia and Joe Cerrell of the Gates Foundation, Ise Bosch talking about her experience of implementing a ‘unified investment strategy’ with a non-mainstream LGBTI mission, and further articles, reviews, conference reports and global updates.

Philanthropy advice in emerging markets

As part of our special feature on philanthropy advice in the September issue of Alliance, we contacted a number of people involved in philanthropic ventures in emerging markets to find out what options were available in these parts of the world.
Click here to read the results.

Foundation Week highlights

Also published with the September issue of Alliance is a special supplement presenting highlights of the recent Foundation Week hosted by the European Foundation Centre (EFC).

Click here to download the supplement.

Special feature

From fragments to a mosaic

1 September 2010
Melissa A Berman

Trained as a medievalist, I generally approach any assignment by looking back in time for origins, exemplars and trends. For an overview of professional philanthropy advisers, this task can be completed in about 45 seconds. The first full-time professional philanthropic adviser seems to have been Frederick Gates (no relation to Bill), who was hired in the late 19th century by John D Rockefeller. Gates was both a successful business man and a Baptist minister, embodying …


Pledging for what?

The backdrop to putting this issue of Alliance to bed is the Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge, described on the Pledge website as ‘an effort to invite the wealthiest individuals and families in America to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to the philanthropic causes and charitable organizations of their choice either during their lifetime or after their death’. At the time of writing, 40 American billionaires had already signed up; Fortune magazine estimates the Pledge could generate as much as $600 billion in charitable giving. Is this as good as it sounds? In an article for the Chronicle of …


Growing impact

Kathleen Enright

Pamela Hartigan’s article ‘Reflections on the meaning of “scale”’ lays forth a fundamental shift in thinking about social entrepreneurship with …

Scaling up for impact

Tim Joss

Caroline Hartnell’s article in the June issue of Alliance on the Mott Foundation and scaling up (‘Life in the old …

A quiet revolution

Caroline Mason

The Social Stock Exchange (see Mark Campanale’s article in the June issue of Alliance) is part of a rather quiet …

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