Foundation Center – Introducing the Nonprofit Collaboration Database

CollaborationDBMergers and collaborations are becoming ever more important to the non-profit sector, so the Foundation Center was delighted when it was selected earlier this year to be the new home of the Nonprofit Collaboration Database.

Developed by the Phoenix-based Lodestar Foundation, which has had a longstanding interest in encouraging and supporting collaborations among non-profits, the database was originally developed in conjunction with Lodestar’s Collaboration Prize competition, launched in 2008. Capitalizing on the wealth of material created through the nomination process, the database provides access to the applications of more than 250 entrants, including relevant documents from the various collaborations.

The database is organized so that visitors can customize their search according to their needs. You can, for example, search all mergers involving arts and culture organizations, or limit your search to joint programming collaborations among state health organizations initiated by funders.

In the coming months, the Foundation Center plans to expand the scope of the database by including new collaboration models from the 2011 Collaboration Prize. Eventually, it will make it possible for any non-profit organization to submit documents and information about a collaboration in which it has been involved.

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