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Did you know that Cameroon’s non-profit sector added 317.3 billion CFA Francs (approximately US $673.2 million) to the country’s economy, accounting for 2.5% of total GDP in 2011? That contribution came from 7,579 organizations, which employed more than 218,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers, including 38,2088 FTE volunteers.

Cameroon 2011 (2)

These data and more are the result of the National Institute of Statistics Cameroon’s (NIS) implementation of the United Nations Handbook on Nonprofit Institutions in the System of National Accounts. This makes Cameroon the third African country to release such data – along with Mozambique and Morocco.

For more information
The full report is available at http://www.ccss.jhu.edu and http://www.statistics-cameroon.org

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