EXPONENT PHILANTHROPY (formerly Association of Small Foundations)- Membership association rebrands to expand reach

Reflecting a powerful dynamic in philanthropy, the Association of Small Foundations changed its name in March 2014 to Exponent Philanthropy. While remaining a membership association at the centre of the largest segment of US philanthropy – those who work with few or no staff – Exponent Philanthropy is expanding its reach to empower the growing cross-section of philanthropists who choose to give big while keeping operations lean, including foundations, high net worth individuals, donor-advised fund holders, giving circles and others.

Exponent_PhilanthropyThe association’s new name is a play on the dual meanings of exponent: a mathematical multiplier and a proponent of a cause. Exponent Philanthropy’s resources and network enhance the effectiveness of its members’ philanthropy exponentially; the association likewise champions its members and the collective impact of their unique style of giving.

And indeed philanthropists with few or no staff are creating change on the local, national and international levels on a collectively grand scale. The association recently reported that its foundation members grant more than $4 billion annually, which is particularly impressive considering that 31 per cent have no staff, and the average spend on operating costs is just 15 cents per dollar.

Although the association is changing its name, it is not changing its culture or its services. Its nearly 2,400 members will continue to have full access to the people and resources they have come to count on, including the highly regarded and previously sold-out national conference, which expects to gather 1,000 philanthropists and advisers this year in Washington DC, 30 October–1 November.
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