Foundation Center: First-of-its-kind research on peace and security funding

The peace and security funding landscape encompasses a diverse group of foundations and philanthropists that are contributing to a safer, more prosperous global future. From peacebuilding in Sierra Leone to the Iran nuclear agreement, peace and security funders are investing in critical efforts to prevent and mitigate conflict, find resolutions, and strengthen post-conflict resilience.

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Despite comprising only 1 per cent of total foundation giving, a new report and interactive website from Foundation Center and the Peace and Security Funders Group explore how these funders are making meaningful contributions to global peace and stability. According to the Peace and Security Funding Index: An analysis of global foundation grantmaking, 288 foundations made nearly 2,000 peace and security grants totalling more than $283 million in 2013. While the top 15 funders provided two-thirds (67 per cent) of all funding, most foundations engaged at far more modest levels, indicating that grantmakers of any size can become active in the field. This first-ever analysis also finds that funders employ policy work, advocacy and research as key strategies; and identifies opportunities for increased support in the areas of conflict prevention and cyber-security.

Funders can help to build on this research and improve understanding of giving in the peace and security field by sharing more detailed information about the purpose and objectives of grants in their reporting.

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