Network of European Foundations: European Practice Exchange on Deradicalisation

The phenomenon of violent radicalization has motivated a group of foundations to take action through the European Practice Exchange on Deradicalisation (EPEx), aiming to establish a network of frontline practitioners to share knowledge, experience and lessons learned.

As community-based and grassroot organizations are considered more impartial and credible than government structures when it comes to work with vulnerable people, EPEx practitioners will enable civil society organizations to play a major role in addressing this challenge.

EPEx’s approach goes beyond theoretical lectures to embrace activity-based learning as a more suitable and tangible form of peer education. Based on the expertise of the practitioners engaged in the project, EPEx will work on three main – overlapping – streams: counselling relatives worried about juveniles at risk of being recruited to fight abroad or who have already left for conflict zones; working with vulnerable youngsters; and conducting interventions to rehabilitate returning fighters in prison.

The project is hosted by the Network of European Foundations and led by the Violence Prevention Network, a German NGO. It is supported by the King Baudouin Foundation, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Fritt Ord Foundation and the Open Society Foundations.

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