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Since 2001, young people have made grants totalling more than $14 million through programmes operated by foundations, schools and non-profits around the world. The grants span diverse issues – from human services to health to education – and target needs that young people see in their communities.

Foundation Center’s 2014 research, Scanning the Landscape of Youth Philanthropy, revealed this burgeoning movement and a need to centralize information about youth philanthropy. This, in turn, sparked the creation of a first-of-its-kind online gathering place where knowledge, stories and resources can be shared locally and globally. is a free online hub where anyone interested in youth grantmaking can access comprehensive funding data, share and learn about innovative practices, and connect with others in the field. The website features an interactive funding map, a directory of more than 800 youth grantmaking programmes around the world, and details of over 3,000 youth-driven grants. It also brings together case studies and expert perspectives to enable young people, and the adults who support them, to learn best practices for their work, share their experiences and find potential partners.

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