Network of European Foundations: Action for farmers in West Africa

To address the urgent need to reform current agricultural and food systems, a group of foundations has launched the Joint Action for Farmers’ Organizations in West Africa (JAFOWA) with the aim of creating a dynamic and equitable farmers’ movement in the region.

The recent growth in agricultural output comes at a cost. The current production system creates many environmental problems, yet does too little to solve the issue of hunger. Furthermore, unfavourable policies have resulted in a retreat from farming in developing countries, with large numbers of predominantly young people forced to migrate to cities.

Credit: H Dicko, Fondation de France.

Credit: H Dicko, Fondation de France.


The African continent is set to become the most populated on earth, which means that addressing the agricultural challenges in this region is both timely and critical. JAFOWA will therefore provide grants and capacity development to farmers’ organizations, as they can both implement change at farm level and advocate to local and national authorities.

With shared interests in sustainable and efficient food systems, agroecology and gender approaches, and spurred on by the 2014 International Year of Family Farming, four foundations created this initiative: Fondation de France (chair), Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione Cariplo and New Field Foundation. The Network of European Foundations will operate the fund, with a base in West Africa. The initiative is open to new partners.

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