Network of European Foundations: East Africa Children’s Fund launched 

The East Africa Children’s Fund (EACF) became operational in June 2015 and will serve as a regional intermediary philanthropic institution supporting community-based initiatives addressing children’s rights, violence prevention and prevention of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children, with the ultimate aim of building local ‘protective environments for children’. The Fund will provide grants and technical support to community organizations and local NGOs working in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and local NGOs working with vulnerable children are best placed to protect children in homes, communities and schools. These organizations act as a bridge between government structures, community support mechanisms and households. However, the capacities of many CBOs and NGOs are limited. Their staff are often volunteers or paid part-time, and they have limited funding.

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Oak Foundation and an anonymous donor, founding members of the Elevate Children Funders Group, supported the establishment of the EACF. The two donors have been providing grants to CBOs and NGOs addressing violence against children in East Africa for the past 12 years.

The initial fund of US$4 million is managed by the Network of European Foundations in Brussels, the host organization of Elevate Children programmes. Other interested donors are welcome to join the partnership.

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