GIFE: Setting the agenda for the next five years

GIFE has established eight strategic agendas to guide priorities for the next five years. It believes that with a strong and well-devised combination of these agendas, social investment can produce effective transformations and achieve wider recognition and stronger legitimacy within Brazilian society.

Grantmaking and culture of giving: increase the contribution of foundations to civil society organizations and improve the regulatory environment for philanthropic giving.

Alignment between social investment and business: foundations can help change business practices and enhance social impact in areas where companies operate.

Governance and transparency: strong governance structures and greater transparency are fundamental in ensuring a balance between public and private interests.

Evaluation: evaluation can improve interventions and strengthen learning among social investors.

Alignment between social investment and public policies: by investing in innovation, scale, and the use of effective public policies, foundations can have greater influence on public interest agendas.

Strengthening of civil society organizations: social investment can play a critical role in strengthening civil society organizations by developing innovative partnerships and support mechanisms.

Social businesses: foundations can be important drivers in developing and strengthening social impact through business solutions, creating an enabling environment for impact investment.

Communication: foundations can enhance the potential of strategic communication as a tool of transparency, legitimacy and social transform.

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