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Analysis 1 Larry McGill 7 April 2018

Infrastructure 2.0: The Future of Philanthropic Impact

In “Towards Infrastructure 2.0: An Ecosystem Approach,” Barry Knight has written a vitally important paper that illuminates one of the most important challenges facing philanthropy today – its lethargy in coming to the realization that …

Opinion Lauren Bradford and Larry McGill 22 November 2017

Finally! A global (data) language!

Trying to get global consensus on anything is nearly impossible. But in collaboration with a dynamic cohort of individuals and organizations, we’ve managed to develop a new manifesto with respect to the structure and sharing …

Special feature Larry McGill 1 December 2015

Foundations and the SDGs: poised to make a difference?

Robust data systems, currently beyond the capacity of many developing nations, will be fundamental to ensuring the global adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. Philanthropy can jump-start that process. Foundations should take a moment to compare …

Letter Larry McGill 1 December 2013

Small Data: where the real action is

Big Data may be getting the lion’s share of attention these days, but Christopher Worman (September issue of Alliance) is absolutely right that Small Data is where the real action is as far as philanthropy is concerned. …

News Larry McGill 13 November 2013

Do you know?

Raise your hand if you know the answer to the following question: How many grant dollars did US foundations award in 2011? Anyone? Let me ask a different question. If you needed to find the …

Special feature Larry McGill 1 September 2012

Data for good

So, on top of everything else, foundations are supposed to compile and maintain data on their activities? And share it with other foundations? And perhaps even make it public? And do all of this willingly, …