Network of European Foundations – How are ducks, birds, children and violence linked?

Recent research with global opinion leaders showed that very few could name policies or programmes for preventing violence in the lives of children. While they voiced its importance, they had difficulty engaging with the issue.

Ducks without violence In October 2013 NEF became an official and primary partner of WithoutViolence, a new field-building pilot project that will help violence prevention practitioners, allies and new champions communicate solutions to prevent violence in the lives of boys and girls – often through the lens of positive engagement and creative activities such as building LEGO ducks or creating birds with their hands. (Pictured: participants at a WHO meeting in Mexico demonstrate how to create different birds using their hands.)

Through its Fellowships, New Champions and Building for Scale programmes, WithoutViolence will strengthen the profiles of leaders and advocates and bring greater attention to solutions that will improve children’s lives. It will also cultivate global influencers who champion violence prevention as a political and social priority and spread knowledge about good practices and ‘best-buy’ policies for practitioners, policymakers, funders and advocates.

WithoutViolence evolved out of work by the Child Protection Funders Group – a group of private foundations that collaborate to improve the lives of children around the world. As primary partner for Europe, NEF will be looking to gain further involvement from European foundations. Additionally, WithoutViolence is open to exploring further partnerships from around the world.

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