New EFC initiative to view institutional philanthropy in 3D

The EFC has launched the Institutional Philanthropy Spectrum (IPS). Its aim is to better understand and document the characteristics, practices, role and relevance of institutional philanthropy in society.

The IPS serves as a framework to build systematic knowledge about the field of institutional philanthropy. It aims to help capture the diverse and evolving nature of the field as well as allowing the user to visualise, explain and possibly foresee practices and actions based on relations between different elements identified in the spectrum.

The six variables investigated by the IPS are public good, resources, use of assets, self-governance, values & strategies, and relevance.

It further examines these variables in detailed clusters to identify the unique features and practices of each institutional philanthropy actor.

In short, the tool enables users to picture where they fit in the six variables and collectively across the spectrum.

The EFC will document the IPS by inviting its members and other actors in the sector to provide feedback on the spectrum and/or contribute information through an online survey to be launched shortly.

As the IPS is in development mode, contributors to it will be asked for feedback on the beta version, enabling the EFC to refine the tool and develop and share a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the philanthropic sector.

For more information, contact Emmanuelle Faure

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