New findings from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

Mozambique has become the first African country to complete the implementation of the United Nations Handbook on Nonprofit Institutions.

The results reveal that non-profit institutions in Mozambique contribute 6.2 per cent to GDP, well above the average of 5.1 per cent in all the countries that have completed an NPI satellite account to date. Mozambique is ahead of Japan at 5.2 per cent, Belgium at 5 per cent and New Zealand at 4.9 per cent, though behind Canada at 7.3 per cent and the US at 7.2 per cent.
This demonstrates the importance of having better data on non-profit institutions, particularly in the developing South, where such organizations form an especially crucial part of the delivery system for basic community and economic development, health and education.
Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

For more information
See the UN Nonprofit Handbook Project page on the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies website 

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