June 2009

The role of philanthropy in state building and democracy promotion

Volume 14 , Number 2

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June 2009

The role of philanthropy in state building and democracy promotion

Volume 14 , Number 2

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The guest editor for this Alliance special feature is Georgie Shields.

Past, present and future, philanthropy’s role in promoting democracy and civil society in the post-communist world is reviewed in this issue of Alliance magazine. Funders’ perspectives come from Ford Foundation governance and human rights pioneer Bill Carmichael, Pavol Demes of German Marshall Fund, Fabrice de Kerchove of King Baudouin Foundation, Sandra Breka of the Robert Bosch Foundation and OSI president Aryeh Neier. The special feature also includes Olga Alexeeva on the fragile state of democracy and civil society in Russia and reflections on South Africa and Latin America from Christa Kuljian and Anabel Cruz, plus the views of a range of young activists on democracy and civil society.

Also in June’s issue of Alliance: Gara LaMarche reflects on the furore over Barack Obama’s tax cuts while Jed Emerson provides a back to basics guide to sustainable investing. As the economic crisis spreads around the world, its impact is tracked in key countries in the developing world and across Europe, including France, Germany, Portugal and the UK.


A time for thinking

I have just returned from the European Foundation Centre conference in Rome (14-16 May) where I facilitated a panel looking at spending in an economic crisis. While much of the discussion focused on the pressing issue that faces most foundations – how to meet urgent needs and honour spending commitments despite huge falls in asset values – what also emerged clearly was the need for more fundamental long-term thinking about what foundations are and what they should do. Above all, the need to think about what happens if this year’s losses continue in future years and we turn out to …


An argument for ‘both/and’

Stephen P Johnson

Hats off to Alliance for its March 2009 ‘focus’ piece on the merits of an ‘either/or’ approach for social investors …

Climate change

Alliance magazine

George and Peter both make some very good points, and there is no doubt that we need philanthropic support for …

Donor intent

Alliance magazine

According to Congressman Xavier Becerra, the US federal government forgoes $44 billion in revenues annually to subsidize charitable donations. Fernando …

Measurement vs action

Alliance magazine

When Deepti Goel and Nachiket Mor say that ‘REs [randomized experiments] create two groups that are identical in all respects …

Waking the sleeping giant

Lyndall Stein

It is inspiring to read in the March Alliance the account of solidarity giving to Gaza, and the impressive results …

A last word …

David Bonbright

At the risk of straining the patience of Alliance readers, I write to underscore what I believe is a powerful …

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