Persuading corporations to ship condoms to Africa

In August 2008, Troy Kennedy, aged 20, asked the question: if large multinationals can distribute products like drinks or cigarettes to every corner of Africa, why are condoms and other HIV preventatives not as widely available? Since then he has become a campaigner on the UK’s Channel 4 multimedia project called Battlefront, which follows nineteen 14-21 year olds as they turn an issue they care deeply about into a fully-fledged campaign.

His campaign aims to persuade multinational corporations, governments and logistical companies to use their distribution networks to deliver condoms and other HIV preventatives to the millions of people who desperately need them. So far he has approached organizations like ColaLife, Virgin Unite and UNAids for help and advice; mobilized a group of more than 2,000 people on Facebook; and begun to speak directly to companies like One Difference, Bottletop,  Unilever and JOIN(RED).

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