March 2009

The next decade of debate

Volume 14 , Number 1

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March 2009

The next decade of debate

Volume 14 , Number 1

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The guest editor for this Alliance special feature is Tim Ogden.

In an era of severely constrained resources, it may become increasingly necessary for funders to make often painful ‘either/or’ choices. This issue of Alliance focuses on five areas where philanthropy faces difficult choices. These are climate change, donor intent, global health, evaluation and education.

In each case, two writers each present a different perspective. On climate change, for example, George Polk argues that philanthropy should focus on supporting advocacy while Peter Heller argues the case for ‘direct action’ to kickstart development of renewable energies.

We would love to have feedback from Alliance readers on these five ‘difficult choices’, so please let us know what you think. We look forward to publishing your comments.

The March issue of Alliance also includes short reports from Brazil, Russia, India, Africa and the Middle East on how the global financial crisis is playing out there, and the usual range of news, opinion columns, articles and book reviews.

Special feature

From both/and to either/or

1 March 2009
Timothy Ogden

Too often ‘debates’ in the philanthropic sector either involve participants talking past each other or safe concurrence that both sides are right. ‘Both/and’ is all well and good but funders and implementers will be operating in an era of severely constrained resources for the foreseeable future. And that will mean an increasing number of ‘either/or’ choices. As we move from an era of abundance to one of scarcity, we thought it useful to inaugurate a …


Philanthropy put to the test

Although this is not a special issue about philanthropy and the financial crisis, it struck me, as I was finally putting the March issue of Alliance to bed, how many of the articles do in fact touch on this – not surprisingly. In particular, it is the backdrop against which many meetings are being held – the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers Symposium on ‘Investing with a Climate Change Lens during Challenging Times’; a meeting in Brussels in January exploring the role for social banks in the overhaul of the financial sector; Grantmakers without Borders’ June conference, which will be looking for …


Trade associations are … just that

Rick Cohen

As Mr Gunderson notes in his comments on my ‘Watchdog or lapdog?’ article in the September issue of Alliance, the …

Where’s the menu?

Ravinol Chambers

I am writing in response to Peter Kenyon’s letter in the December issue of Alliance. I was also in Frankfurt …

Not the will lacking, but the means

Theresa Lloyd

I was very surprised and disappointed to read the letter from David Bonbright in the December issue of Alliance. He …

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