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Based on the priorities of network participants, expressed in a recent survey, WINGS peer learning activities for 2009 will focus on engaging corporations and on sustainability at this time of global economic crisis. The insights and experiences of participants will serve as inputs to develop a toolkit and/or reference materials on these topics.

Grantmaker associations as well as community foundations in the WINGS network have expressed interest in engaging corporations in WINGS, and the peer learning event on this topic will explore how to do this effectively. It will also provide opportunities to discuss how best to promote and support corporate philanthropy, and how grantmaker associations and support organizations can enhance services to corporations.
The sustainability of grantmaker associations, support organizations and community foundations is a priority issue for many WINGS network participants, made even more critical by the magnitude of the current economic crisis and its likely impact on the philanthropic community. Through discussions at global and regional levels, the proposed peer learning events will engage more network participants in collectively coming up with concrete ideas to address specific concerns around sustainability.

The WINGS peer learning event (PLE) on Engaging Corporations will take place on 10-12 March in Mexico City, while the PLE on Sustainability of Community Foundations (CFs) and CF Support Organizations will take place on 8-9 October in San Antonio, Texas. There will also be regional PLEs in Asia and the Pacific in May; in the Middle East and Africa in June; and in Latin America and the Caribbean in August. A date for a European event has yet to be determined.

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