WINGS: Global mapping of philanthropy research and teaching institutions

In order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of philanthropy infrastructure, WINGS is mapping research and teaching institutions across the world that offer services and programmes on philanthropy.

Our preliminary assessment resulted in a list of 56 institutions located in all regions of the world, including 2 in Africa, 2 in Latin America, 3 in the Middle East and 6 in Asia. As expected, the largest number are located in the US and in Europe. Partly, this reflects the fact that we are not aware of all the institutions that are out there.

We conducted a short survey with these institutions to learn more about them. Our survey clearly indicates that this is a growing field: many of the surveyed institutions had been created in the past five years.

With regard to the main focus of activity, research comes first for most surveyed institutions. Second is higher education, with institutions offering degree programmes in philanthropy. As expected, most of this activity is taking place in Europe and the US, but we found interesting programmes all around the world, such as the newly launched Chair in African Philanthropy in South Africa. The third most frequently mentioned primary activity is continuing education, which includes short courses, seminars, certificates and diploma programmes.

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