WINGS: The landscape of support to corporate philanthropy

As part of the Infrastructure in Focus series, WINGS is launching a new report on The landscape of support to corporate philanthropy, opening a discussion on the learnings and experiences of WINGS members, and sharing them with a wider audience.

The report looks into a field at different levels of development around the world, but one that is increasing both in volume and in sophistication. Demands from governments and civil society are putting corporate philanthropy in the spotlight and creating a set of different needs and opportunities, making support to corporate philanthropy more important than ever. WINGS-2016 report final capture-20160603-162607Infrastructure organizations have taken on the task, providing services such as advocacy, training on legal issues and giving strategies, connecting corporate actors with other stakeholders in society, and making a case for corporate philanthropy.

They also provide support in newer areas, including: the alignment of business and philanthropy, which is underpinning the work of organizations with corporate clients; the Sustainable Development Goals, bringing to the table partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society; and impact measurement. Nevertheless, as legislation increases, lobbying governments to ensure that they create a more conducive environment for giving seems to be a major task infrastructure organizations will need to spearhead.

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