A journey to community philanthropy in Zambia

Barbara Nost and Tarisai Jangara

If the old vessel is foundering, don’t cling to the wreckage – build a new boat

In 2011, Zambia was classified as a low-middle-income country, which had many economic and other implications for the country. Among the most visible implications was the progressive withdrawal of international aid, a trend which has continued unabated since 2011 despite the fact that more than 60 per cent of the Zambian population lives below the poverty line.

Against this backdrop, the establishment of the UN SDG Philanthropy platform in Zambia created some optimism that private and philanthropic sector organizations could be brought on board, and that new actors would bring new perspectives on how development is conceptualized and operationalized to jointly meet the SDGs. While we consider this development as extremely positive and timely and while there is much focus on philanthropy for community, limited attention is paid to community philanthropy or philanthropy by community. We think community philanthropy as a philosophy for community-led development needs to enter the mainstream development debate in Zambia.

 Launch of #ShiftThePower ZambiaBarbara Nöst and the ZGF team.

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