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Janet Mawiyoo

Opinion Janet Mawiyoo 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Community philanthropy in Kenya and beyond

Applying a community philanthropy lens is the route to achieving sustainable development and bring local resources to the fore My memory of using the term ‘community philanthropy’ goes back to the late 1990s when together …

Conference reports Janet Mawiyoo 14 March 2017

WINGS is about building bridges and not walls

‘Wings is about building bridges and not walls…’ This is one thing that resonated with me throughout the three days of the recently concluded WINGSForum in Mexico. Coming from the Chair of the WINGS Board, …

Special feature Janet Mawiyoo and Caesar Ngule 29 November 2016

Where the horizontal meets the vertical

From 1997 to 2010, Kenya enjoyed a significant share of foreign aid with many organizations depending entirely on it for their operation. Following the recession and the subsequent reclassification of Kenya as a low- to …

Special feature Janet Mawiyoo and Susan Njambi Odongo 1 December 2015

The power of partnership: insights from Kenya

A famous Kiswahili saying ‘kidole kimoja hakiuwi chawa’ – a single finger alone cannot kill a louse – mirrors some recent reflections on the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) achievements and challenges. Governments wouldn’t effectively achieve …