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Opinion Barbara Nost 18 August 2023

From Unicorn to Zebra: The transformation of ZGF

I recently came across an article about venture capital structures and how they interact and work with start-ups. The article argued that the venture capital structure is broken because it favours ‘quantity over quality, consumption …

Opinion Barbara Nost and Tarisai Jangara 13 August 2021

The winner takes it all

This article is part of a series of articles about Community Led Philanthropy, co-hosted by GlobalGiving. The conversation explores the ways philanthropy can support community-led change.  Many of us representing local organisations in the Global …

Conference reports 1 Barbara Nost 4 December 2019

#ShiftThePower: A movement not an industry

In a recent publication “Systems to #ShiftThePower” Barry Knight bluntly states: “There are three characteristic behaviours in philanthropy and the development industry that impair progress in achieving the world we want. These are: egos, silos and logos. All three …

Analysis Barbara Nost and Tarisai Jangara 29 May 2018

A journey to community philanthropy in Zambia

If the old vessel is foundering, don’t cling to the wreckage – build a new boat In 2011, Zambia was classified as a low-middle-income country, which had many economic and other implications for the country. …