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Anna Hirsch-Holland

Analysis Anna Hirsch-Holland 16 August 2022 For Subscribers

From rhetoric to reality: practicing partnership in philanthropy

The rhetoric on the need for partnership to increase our impact is deafening, but what does it mean in practice? Philanthropists are increasingly recognising that they can only achieve innovation and impact by supporting and …

Opinion 1 Anna Hirsch-Holland 28 July 2022

Trusted partnership: pushing the boundaries of traditional grant-making and trust-based philanthropy

Trust-based philanthropy has been critiqued for emphasizing unrestricted funding to the detriment of ‘criteria- and data-driven’ (thereby ‘unbiased’) funding. Its defenders argue that it is about much more than unrestricted funding, highlighting also the streamlined …

Conference reports Anna Hirsch-Holland 2 June 2022

What I learned from philanthropy immersion at Philea Forum 2022

As a relative newbie to the field of philanthropy, Philea Forum has been an opportunity to get to know this quite particular world more intimately – beyond the superficial facts that its people are very …