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Analysis Maja Spanu and Axelle Davezac 5 September 2023 For Subscribers

Time for some quotas

Since they work for business boards, would they be an opportunity for European foundations too? Should a time-limited quota be introduced in relation to gender diversity on foundations’ boards? When Alliance magazine’s editors asked us …

Conference reports Axelle Davezac 7 July 2022

Reflections on strengthening the potential of European philanthropy

After two years of the global pandemic, this spring finally saw the opening of spaces again to meet with colleagues across philanthropy, civil society and academia. Against this backdrop, the European Academy of Strategic Philanthropy …

Analysis Laurence de Nervaux and Axelle Davezac 3 September 2019

Notre-Dame fire ignites debates on philanthropy

Almost as great as the outpouring to restore the cathedral of Notre-Dame has been the flood of controversy it has unleashed On 15 April this year, a major fire broke out in Notre-Dame cathedral in …

Opinion Axelle Davezac 21 August 2017

Five challenges for French philanthropy

Another exciting year is coming to an end. In France, foundations have continued to develop fast, to professionalize and to experiment new forms of interventions for the public good. As the largest philanthropic network in …