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Dawn Austwick

Opinion Dawn Austwick 10 August 2019

Philanthropy is a guest at other people’s tables…but is it time to play musical chairs?

This article was written for the European Foundation Centre as part of a specially commissioned blog series celebrating Its 30th anniversary. Click here to read more posts from some of the most influential thought-leaders on philanthropy discussing the …

Conference reports Dawn Austwick 25 May 2016

The ‘Future of Doing Good’– insights from the UK

Last week we welcomed 100 people from across UK civil society to the impressively renovated Dutch Hall in London, to debate ‘the future of doing good’. For us at the Big Lottery Fund, this was …

Special feature Dawn Austwick 1 December 2015

Case study – Give communities ownership of SDGs

The underlying message of the Sustainable Development Goals is reflected in the statement no one gets left behind. It is hoped that the SDGs move on from an agenda that is ‘done to’ developing countries …

Opinion Dawn Austwick 15 April 2014

Grantmaking for social change?

I’m going to lay my cards on the table: I believe that grantmaking can help achieve social change. But I also agree with so many of the excellent contributions to this edition of Alliance: it …