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Eugenia Mazurenko

Opinion Eugenia Mazurenko 1 May 2021

Promoting institutional philanthropy in Ukraine

In 2018, Zagoriy Foundation initiated the Giving Tuesday movement in Ukraine to promote charity and good deeds. One of the project’s partners – and one of the largest charitable foundations in Ukraine – is ‘Tabletochki’, …

Analysis Eugenia Mazurenko 21 March 2021

Creating the culture of giving in Ukraine

Ukrainian social and charitable projects have made giant leaps over the past decade. Since 2014, Ukrainians have built a robust system of volunteer networks and charitable organizations that help the army, relieve poverty, and provide …

Analysis Eugenia Mazurenko 27 September 2020

What is preventing the development of giving in Ukraine and what can we do about it

What’s deterring the development of giving in Ukraine? Whose fault is it? Well, there are a few factors, which deter giving in Ukraine, namely, indifference, lack of funds, public distrust in charitable organisations, lack of …