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Felix Oldenburg

Opinion Felix Oldenburg 6 June 2018

Why it’s time for a single market for philanthropy

‘Who do I call if I want to speak to Europe?’ The quote is associated with Henry Kissinger but he never actually said it. He knew very well who to call if he wanted to. …

Opinion Felix Oldenburg 15 March 2018

German philanthropy should get behind LGBTI rights

Many Alliance readers will know far more about LGBTI issues than me. However, I will not hide behind a convenient lack of expertise but rather speak out inspired by the courage of many others. I …

Opinion Felix Oldenburg 10 August 2017

Philanthropy needs protection in stormy times

Frost, fog, thunderstorms. Only occasional beams of sunshine. This is the current weather map compiled annually from field reports by DAFNE, the Donors and Foundations Network in Europe. The bad news of new restrictions, denunciation, …

Opinion Felix Oldenburg 15 May 2017

German foundations at the crossroads

Osnabrueck is a peaceful town in Lower Saxony. In fact, it is so peaceful that its claim to fame is the Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years War 380 years ago. The usual …