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James Magowan

Conference reports James Magowan 4 May 2019

Status quo is not an option: creating the networks we need for the 21st century

The status quo is not an option. Philanthropy Support Organisations (foundation member associations, networks, and advisory services) will have to adapt their form and function – even ‘re-invent themselves’ if they are to remain relevant …

Conference reports James Magowan 27 January 2019

DAFNE ‘hard-wires’ the circuit

Reflecting on a momentous year for DAFNE (Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe), at its recent Winter meeting in Dublin, its chair Felix Oldenburg, Director of the German Association of Foundations, said ‘Only a few …

Conference reports James Magowan 1 December 2018

Corporate foundations consider risks and opportunities

DAFNE held its third European Corporate Foundations Knowledge Exchange, in association this year with Assifero, in Italy, hosted by Fondazione Sicilia. Over 70 delegates from 11 countries participated. This Knowledge Exchange will be remembered for its …

Conference reports James Magowan 30 October 2018

Peeling the onion of Russian philanthropy: reflections on the Russian Donors Forum annual conference

Underneath the skin of the mighty onion of philanthropy in Russia lies another layer, and another, and another, each adding freshness and zest of an essential ingredient of the goulash of civil society. Proof of …

News James Magowan 13 October 2015

European foundation sector report highlights diversity

Across Europe organizations celebrated the work of philanthropy and foundations on European Day of Foundations and Donors earlier this month.  The day – 1 October  — highlighted the work of public benefit foundations in Europe …

Opinion James Magowan 17 June 2013

Funders for Impact – more to it than meets the eye

Focusing on impact – that is, the difference an organisation’s work makes to those it seeks to help – can help charities get better at what they do and reach more people, more effectively. Who …