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Katie Boswell

Analysis Katie Boswell and Fatima Asif 20 July 2019

Diversity in foundations: experiences from both sides of the 2027 programme

Katie Boswell, NPC’s Deputy Head of Funders When I first heard about the 2027 programme, it sounded truly exciting (if long overdue). The programme takes brilliant frontline workers from working-class communities and prepares them for …

Letter Katie Boswell 4 June 2019

Systems change must come in from the margins

I enjoyed Julian Corner’s lead article on systems change and philanthropy (Alliance, March 2019). It’s great to see a funder engaging with their place in the system and calling out the paradoxes in ‘seeking to …

Conference reports Katie Boswell 30 March 2019

Making systems change a reality: Reflections from ‘All systems go’!

Systems change is often difficult to understand and almost always very difficult to do, so when I was invited to the IRC’s ‘All systems go’ symposium in the Hague I jumped at the opportunity. Three …

Opinion Katie Boswell 25 January 2019

Can funders tackle homelessness?

The UK is in the midst of a homelessness crisis. On a typical night 4,751 people sleep rough in England—an increase of 169 per cent since 2010—and we know that this is just the tip …

Opinion Katie Boswell and NPC 8 October 2016

What does a good charity look like today?

Recent revelations that money for war veterans ‘vanished’ into ineffective charities raise awkward questions for the sector. According to The Sunday Times, millions from the £35m ($45m) Libor fund went towards charities that promoted unproven …