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Massimo Lapucci

Opinion Massimo Lapucci 27 March 2020

Philanthropy cannot self-isolate, and good ideas should never be quarantined

We are inundated, and appalled, every day with images, data and words all describing the horrific impact that this outbreak is having on our countries, our communities, and our own lives. It is at such …

Opinion Massimo Lapucci 11 April 2019

Philanthropy Manifesto: a milestone on the road towards a single market for philanthropy

On 20 March, in the presence of over 60 representatives from the EU institutions, the European Commission’s Kerstin Jorna (Deputy Director General of DG ECFIN) and Michael O’Flaherty (Director of EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA)) …

Analysis Massimo Lapucci 5 March 2019

Putting a foot in Europe’s closing doors

Recent political developments are threatening civic space in Europe. Foundations are stepping forward to defend it This year marks three decades since the establishment of the European Foundation Centre (EFC), as well as the fall …

Conference reports Massimo Lapucci 25 October 2018

The place-to-be for the leaders of strategic philanthropy

Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT and Chair of the European Foundation Centre. discloses some contents of his keynote at Lang VI Philanthropy Day. Transnational philanthropy: what possible – and necessary – role in reinforcing …

Opinion Massimo Lapucci 24 May 2018

Working our way towards a single market for philanthropy

Growing nationalism and deepening populist sentiment across Europe make it all the more urgent to bolster our shared European values. Civil society, which includes philanthropy, is essential in this. But if civil society remains legally …