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Michael Jarvis

Analysis 3 Michael Jarvis and Savior Mwambwa 5 October 2021

Philanthropy’s tax blind spot

This is the moment to shake up the world of tax. Will funders rally to the moment? Philanthropy has paid little attention to influencing tax systems. That is a missed opportunity given the importance of …

Opinion Sharon Bissell, Michael Jarvis and Richard Christel 17 July 2021

Heading for the Exit? 5 considerations for funders from collective conversations

Funder exits are inevitable – whether as a result of a foundation’s strategic realignment, a shift in priority countries, budget cuts, poor portfolio performance, or, in the worst-case scenario, opaque top-down decisions. No surprise then …

Practical advice Michael Jarvis 24 July 2020

Governance and social movements: How funders can help bridge an unnecessary divide

The coronavirus pandemic poses a challenge and opportunity for governance funders. There is an immediate need to support transparency, participation and accountability efforts as integral to the pandemic response. There is also an opportunity to …