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Practical advice 2 Rachel Stephenson Sheff 18 March 2022

So you want to do a participatory strategy?

Love the intention – but let’s make sure you get it right. These days, the word ‘participation’ – or rather, its sophisticated cousin ‘participatory‘ – is tossed around the social impact space like the word ‘organic’ …

Analysis Rachel Stephenson Sheff 15 January 2021

What Donors Want – Exploring politics and philanthropy with David Simas, CEO of the Obama Foundation

Podcast listeners – a new episode of What Donors Want is out! We had the honour of speaking with David Simas, CEO of the Obama Foundation. If you haven’t tuned in, What Donors Want is a podcast …

Opinion Rachel Stephenson Sheff 29 October 2020

What Donors Want – a podcast with irreverent philanthropy advice

Major gift fundraising is an alchemy of art and science, with the skill of relationship building at its core. In today’s shifting landscape, the need (and competition for) funding has never been fiercer, and criticisms …