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Regan Ralph

Opinion Regan Ralph 10 December 2020

Taking to the streets: How will social movements change human rights advocacy?

This year, the power of people has been on display in streets and squares around the world – from Minsk and Lagos to Minneapolis and Bangkok. Frustrated and fed-up, hundreds of thousands of people have …

Practical advice Regan Ralph 16 September 2020

Lessons learned from delivering $100 million in support to local leaders

In 2002, a small group of dedicated activists and funders set out to do something different in human rights philanthropy. Dismayed by the dominant top-down approach to social justice, we launched the Fund for Global …

Opinion Regan Ralph 31 July 2020

Dismantling inequality must be part of the pandemic response

As the novel coronavirus continues to surge across the globe, the international community is delivering trillions of dollars toward the fight against COVID-19, creating funds for pandemic response, and sponsoring new initiatives to tackle the …

Special feature Regan Ralph 1 March 2014

Supporting grassroots activism in Guatemala

In unpredictable and volatile environments, such as post-civil war Guatemala, grantmakers may be able to play a critical role on key human rights concerns. But they have to be prepared to take strategic risks in …