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Steffen Bethmann

Special feature Magdalena Aninat and Steffen Bethmann 7 March 2017

Educating philanthropy in Chile 

Over the last few decades, Chile has made great economic strides. However, while the GDP per capita has increased from US$4,407 in 1990 to US$22,370 in 2015, equality has not fared so well: the country …

Analysis Steffen Bethmann and Theresa Gehringer 20 December 2016

Corporate Foundations in Fontainebleau: A significant ‘first’

More than 80 representatives from corporate foundations and national foundation networks – the very first gathering of corporate foundations from across Europe – came together on 5 and 6 December at the INSEAD campus in …

Conference reports Steffen Bethmann 9 December 2016

How do corporate foundations work? Lloyds Bank and Syngenta Foundations share insights

The first European Knowledge Exchange of Corporate Foundations, took place this week.  Organized by DAFNE and French Associations of foundations (CFF), part of the program was organized around the topic of foundations’ mission alignment with their …