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Volker Then

Letter Volker Then 1 December 2020

The real impact of impact investing

The basic structure of the neo-liberal capitalist system is the problematic structure, and not impact investing. In Germany, the basic system is capitalist but it acknowledges a need for social policy and the welfare state. …

Book review Volker Then 29 November 2016

Policy Patrons by Megan E Tompkins-Stange – Reviewed by Volker Then

Reviewed by Volker Then For all those who are seriously interested in how foundations can work effectively to resolve societal problems, this book is a must-read. For those who fear that foundations might have become …

Special feature Rob John, Carolina Suarez, Firoz Ladak and Volker Then 1 September 2015

The next decade of impact investing

Impact investing is creating great excitement in development circles, with breathtaking figures about its potential size and impact bandied about. At the moment, though, its effect is anticipated rather than actual. Will it achieve its …

Special feature 1 Volker Then and Martin Hölz 1 June 2015

Grantee feedback comes to Germany

The many and varied roles foundations are called upon to play in societies today call for a high level of professionalization. Comparing internal assumptions with external perceptions can be a productive way for foundations to …

Conference reports Volker Then 10 February 2015

Can the tail wag the dog? Research foundations building capacity for the future

This recent Carlsberg Foundation conference was organized under a bold title: ‘Building Capacity for the Future’. Foundations across the globe are increasingly discussing the challenges provided by the grand social problems of our time – …

Conference reports 1 Volker Then 1 December 2014

EVPA conference 2014: a German approach to society’s challenges

At the recent European Venture Philanthropy Association conference in Berlin on 17 and 18 November, I chaired a panel called ‘The Role of the Large Welfare Associations in Germany – Partnerships or Competition?’ The session …