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Analysis Rob John 6 March 2018

Asian giving circles come of age

Recent studies from the US, Europe and Asia have found a surge in the growth of giving circle membership. Not only that, our latest research from Asia supports those studies in suggesting that participation in …

Special feature Rob John, Carolina Suarez, Firoz Ladak and Volker Then 1 September 2015

The next decade of impact investing

Impact investing is creating great excitement in development circles, with breathtaking figures about its potential size and impact bandied about. At the moment, though, its effect is anticipated rather than actual. Will it achieve its …

Conference reports Rob John 23 October 2014

Philanthropy in Asia Summit 2014: bringing Asian philanthropy under one roof

The second Philanthropy in Asia Summit (PIA) was held on 20–21 October in the main chamber of Singapore’s historic Old Parliament building – a stunning reminder of Britain’s colonial legacy of adversarial politics – nestled …

Conference reports Rob John 7 March 2014

Dasra Philanthropy Week day 3

Friday, 7 March: Dasra means enlightened giving in Sanskrit and has its origins in India’s first venture philanthropy fund started up back in 2000 by Indians working the New York financial services industry. Impact Partners …

Conference reports Rob John 7 March 2014

Dasra Philanthropy Week day 2: a focus on impact investing

Thursday, 6 March: Day 2 of Dasra’s philanthropy conference was held at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, across from the Gateway of India and in the heart of the most impressive colonial architecture imaginable. Perhaps …

Conference reports Rob John 6 March 2014

Dasra Philanthropy Week kicks off in Mumbai

Wednesday, 5 March: Dasra has gathered over 200 people for the first of its three conference days of Philanthropy Week. The venue is unusual, and quite historic – the old trading floor of the Bombay …