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Individual donors

Surging or not surging? What’s the truth about giving by the rich?

Alliance magazine 21 February 2014

Gifts Surge From the Wealthiest U. S. Donors reported the Chronicle of Philanthropy on 9 February. The Chronicle’s ranking of the 50 donors who give the most to charitable causes shows that the wealthy contributed …

Giving USA: more of the same

Andrew Watt 20 June 2013

It’s more of the same for giving, which isn’t a bad thing. Giving USA 2013, which covers giving levels for 2012, was released today, and the results are what you’d probably expect:  a small increase …

Philanthropy advisory services increasing their range

Alliance magazine 18 June 2013

Philanthropy consulting firm Geneva Global is to increase its UK and European presence by partnering with two philanthropy advisers, Peter Cafferkey and Kenny Washington. In addition to extending the company’s reach, the declared purpose of …

Does India Inc really market its cause?

Priyanka Saha and Give India 9 January 2013

In today’s world of ‘global-philanthropy-meets-consumerism’, purchase sees an attached taste of feelgood. As more and more consumers flock towards ‘responsible’ product buys and as a large number of brands seek non-traditional perspectives as ways to …

Ending the year with fundamental questions about giving

Hilda Vega 22 December 2011

Many of us in philanthropy are looking to 2012 as a year of recovery, but a series of reports issued this past year have continued to raise questions about just what kind of a recovery …

What will philanthropy look like in 2011? Taking stock and looking forward

Strategic Philanthropy 7 December 2010

  As we come to the close of 2010, many of us are reviewing the latest studies and surveys to better understand what philanthropy will look like in 2011. Though most publications agree that the …