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Philanthropy consulting firm Geneva Global is to increase its UK and European presence by partnering with two philanthropy advisers, Peter Cafferkey and Kenny Washington. In addition to extending the company’s reach, the declared purpose of the new appointments, both of whom have, according to a recent press release, ‘extensive for-profit and non-profit sector expertise’, is to meet the demands of the business-minded donor.

According to Doug Balfour, CEO of Geneva Global, the company’s origins ‘came from helping philanthropists approach their work with an investment mindset focused on accountability and transparency’, things which he sees ‘as largely missing from the philanthropic landscape’. To this end, Geneva Global UK’s offering will include consulting services, grantmaking, co-investment donor funds and reporting based on the company’s Social Impact Index measurement approach.

Meanwhile, two new advisory services have been launched to serve US donors interested in Asia. Based primarily in the US, but with an increasing presence in Asia over the next few months, Kordant Philanthropy Advisors will serve families and businesses in the US and Asia. Among its first outputs will be a report entitled Impact Investing Overview: Trends and outlook in Asia.

CAF America, too, is launching a new advisory service designed for the Asia-Pacific market, CAF America Asia-Pacific Advisory Services (CAAS). Drawing on its considerable grantmaking experience in the region, CAF’s new service will provide advice to donors of all stripes. It will also enable donors to take advantage of tax benefits at the same time as fulfilling legal requirements for making a grant to an Asian-Pacific based charitable organization. Users can also benefit from translation support, project management and collaborative opportunities.

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