Coverage from EDGE Funders Annual Conference & Global Philanthropy Forum 2019

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Alliance is pleased to provide media coverage for this year’s Global Philanthropy Forum in Redwood City, California and the EDGE Funders Annual conference in Ri De Janeiro. Coverage of the events are provided by:

Bottom up vs Top down: an age old question
John Hecklinger, Global Fund for Children

There’s been an interesting central ideological tension today between bottom up and top down – a classic debate but being framed in interesting new ways here at the 2019 Global Philanthropy Forum. Read More…

Hate spreads much faster than love
Stephen King, Luminate

It was notable how technology companies and social media platforms are being portrayed as the new demons. Read more…


Reclaiming democracy
Paula Fabiani, IDIS

Democracy is fragile and can be replaced as we can see in many different parts of the world. Democracy is even being used to weaken democracy. Read more…

Koch – the real thing?
Patrick Alley, Global Witness

Powerful companies and individuals with something to hide often try to avoid having to defend the indefensible by deflecting unwanted attention. Read more…

Responsible data for philanthropists
Linda Raftree, MERL

In the search for evidence of impact, donors and investors are asking that more and more data be generated by grantees and those they serve. Read more…

Protecting the voice of advocacy
Peter Eigen, Transparency International

I emphasized that in the face of failing global governance the voices of advocacy focused, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), are more important in today’s world than ever. Read more…

Variety of participation triumphs at Global Philanthropy Forum
Harriette Rothwell, Pionero Philanthropy

One aspect that I particularly appreciated was the variety of attendee interaction in structured, semi structured and more informal formats. Read more…

What does embodied systemic change look like?
Michael Kourabas, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

The encontro, one part of this year’s EDGE Funders Alliance annual conference, was a radical re-think of the typical conference format. Read more…

A space for change: EDGE annual conference 2019
Martin Modlinger, Renewable Freedom Foundation

Change sometimes comes in familiar terms. When at the EDGE conference 2019 in Brazil, the discussion came to accountability and reporting, on progress towards goals and on useful indicators, this was not at all surprising for first-time participants. Read more…

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