Pathways to Power Symposium: New ways of deciding and doing

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The Pathways to Power Symposium brought together a diverse group of people from around the world who are deeply engaged in different efforts to shift power, and who see a value in the opportunity to come together in more collective dialogue and action. We’d like to thank the following contributors:

Dumiso Gatsha Success Capital Organisation, Marija Jakovljevic and Galina Maksimovic Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Mariana Sandoval Ulloa Comunalia, Stefan Cibian Făgăraș Research Institute, Ela Bălan Association for Community Relations, Florencia Roitstein ELLAS-Women & Philanthropy, Argentina

Shifting power is relevant for so much of the international aid jigsaw, especially ‘localisation’

The ‘localisation’ of humanitarian aid is a topic which has gained traction in the humanitarian world; a move towards humanitarian responses which are designed, managed and coordinated by local people and organisations.

Lizz Harrison reports here…

Power, powerful, empowerment: Pathways to power

The two days of the Symposium were very intense, both emotionally and in practical thinking. With over 15 speakers from Africa, Asia, Europe or Canada and intensive group work sessions, we were part of a marathon that required us flexing our critical thinking muscles, strategic thinking, but also empathy, solidarity, openness.

Ela Bălan reports here…

Please walk you talk this time

As in almost every conference, the juiciest conversations and exchanges take place during coffee breaks and small groups discussions. People feel freer and more creative in informal settings. So, I decided to organise our thoughts and frustrations and created a wishful thinking list with the most relevant and repeated issues I have heard.

Florencia Roitstein reports here…

Pathways to Power Symposium: Reflections on #ShiftThePower

Powerful life stories and transformative ideas make the Symposium a highlight in understanding and transforming the dysfunctional global aid and economic systems

Stefan Cibian reports here…

Breaking the dichotomy of north and south

Philanthropy comes from the Greek words ‘philos’ and ‘anthropos’ which translates to ‘love of humanity’. In philanthropy’s historic attempts to ‘love humanity’ we have often done so with a North to South mindset: the Global North having answers for the Global South. This dichotomy is not only being questioned but increasingly, torn apart.

Melanie Thomas reports here…

Having difficult conversations to shift the power

‘What was your first money related memory?’ That’s how we started the day at the Pathways to Power Symposium, held in London last week. There were people saving it, giving it away, fighting for it, hiding it. But what was all of this about? As long as we have been living with and hearing about it…money is not the only resource of power.

Mariana Sandoval Ulloa reports here…

Beyond professional begging

Being at the crossroad of different progressive movements has made us realise that we cannot just do more of the same. The fact that each year, the global system exploits more resources contributing to the quality of living than it (re)generates, will impact you whatever you are doing and whether you are interested or not.

Marija Jakovljevic and Galina Maksimovic report here…

Is activism within philanthropy possible?

Pathways to Power, along with a few other initiatives that have been brave enough to bridge the gap between grassroots actors, such as myself and philanthropy, are brave enough to bring together these worlds and the intermediaries that support them.

Dumiso Gatsha reports here…

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