Philanthropy in Russia report released


Kathryn Murrell and Charles Keidan


Leading philanthropy infrastructure bodies, CAF Russia and WINGS, have published a working paper on philanthropy in Russia.

The report, titled simply Philanthropy in Russia is part of a wider series, developed by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace, reviewing the current state of philanthropy in emerging economies and the role philanthropy is playing in the world today.

Authored by former Alliance editor Caroline Hartnell, the report provides an overview of the current state of philanthropy in Russia, based on conversations with people who have been working to promote, support or strengthen the field in Russia.

The report is divided into five main sections; an introduction to the current Russian financial and social landscape; the standing of philanthropy in Russia at the present moment; what drives Russian philanthropy and what are its limitations; and some final reflections on the potential of philanthropy in Russia.

Among other findings, the report highlights the rise of community philanthropy, where 51 of Russia’s 70 community foundations work in small towns and rural areas, with limited money or resources.

A 2017 report from CAF Russia noted that 53 per cent of Russian citizens had donated money to charity within the last 12 months suggesting a growth of ‘middle class’ philanthropy in the country.

Click here to read the report.

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Kathryn Murrell is communications officer for Alliance.
Charles Keidan is editor of Alliance.

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