PEXforum 2021: From crisis to renewal

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PEXforum 2021 provided a unique space for over 160 participants to explore the key values that unite European philanthropy and how to jointly advance the philanthropy ecosystem for a sustainable and just Europe.

PEXforum 2021: All is present, all is here

PEXforum 2021 was like a pleasureable meander through an enchanting woodland. One where philanthropy support organisations are represented by the trees in the ecosystem – characterised by diversity in species but also their interdependence, and which collectively create a habitat in which fauna (foundations) can thrive. We were encouraged to ‘Stop, look, go’, to take time to absorb the atmosphere, to observe the vegetation around us and to track a path through the philanthropy forest.

James Magowan of ECFI reports here…

Illustrations by Marina Roa of SenseTribe. Click to expand to full page view.

Fighting against climate change means fighting for collaboration

We at Active Philanthropy are committed to creating awareness around climate change and engaging diverse stakeholders to join us in the fight against the climate crisis. We are convinced that foundations can and must play a vital role in addressing this global threat. With a mission like ours joining the PEXforum 2021 and the movement beyond is a necessity.

Johannes Lundershausen and Daniel Großbröhmer of Active Philanthropy report here…

PEXforum 2021: Embracing the complexity of Europe

As plans for PEXforum 2021 in Istanbul were put on pause and after a year of wrestling screens of different sizes, Ariadne, Dafne and SenseTribe skilfully created an engaging virtual space for two days. Harvesting sessions to create tangible action were mixed with disruptive keynotes, and artistic summaries through music and poetry.

Zibran Choudhury of Alliance magazine reports here…

PEXforum 2021 – Stop. Look. Imagine. Go.

Imagination has got us a long way in European philanthropy. It is important sometimes to stop and remember how far we have come. At one time it would have taken a lot of imagination to believe that people from local foundations in every country in Europe – East and West, North and South – would come together to meet, learn, discuss and sometimes work together on common goals.

Nick Perks reports here…

Illustrations by Marina Roa of SenseTribe. Click to expand to full page view.

Fixing the plumbing: from shared data to shared imagination

This is a fascinating time for philanthropy, with so many very intense short-term pressures. But there is also a hunger to address long term challenges, which are not so hard to see: dealing with social injustice and inequality; averting climate catastrophe; supporting political renewal; restoring truth in our media.

Geoff Mulgan reports here…

What does love for humankind, justice and collaboration in philanthropy have in common?

Through the years that I have been involved in Ariadne, the importance of collaboration has been increasingly reaffirmed. I admit that, at times, I had the impression that this was just a wishful thinking mantra…

Debora Guidetti reports here…

The social life of forests: Takeaways from the co-creation of the PEXcommunity

The PEXforum 2021 was powerful and inspiring in asking clear questions, such as: is PEX just infrastructure, connecting organizations that support individual foundations? Are we just supporting our respective members in achieving their individual results? Or, 10 years from now, do we want to be part of a broader, collective, multiplied impact in terms of social change?

Carola Carazzone reports here…

Soul searching at PEXforum: Democratising philanthropy or valuing institutional philanthropy?

Where there is no doubt about the enthusiasm of the participants for a better Europe and a shared desire to strengthen philanthropy in Europe, certain questions remained – what we should consider as values of European philanthropy and what it would imply if philanthropy became more democratised.

Barry Hoolwerf reports here…

PEXforum highlights the importance of investing in imagination

This year’s PEXforum, jointly hosted by Ariadne and Dafne, was thoughtfully designed with participation and creativity at its core – SenseTribe facilitated interactive sessions with room for illustration and poetry. What could have been another routine Zoom meeting became a space for European philanthropy networks to collectively reflect, hope, and imagine.

Joanna Pienkowska reports here…

PEXforum 2021: From Reflection to Renewal

It showed a clear dedication to building community, to cooperation, co-learning and co-creation, and it was much more engaging, open and bold than anyone could reasonably have hoped for in this sector just a few years ago.

Martin Modlinger reports here…

PEXforum 2021 – The good, the great and the surprising!

Knowing that the PEXcommunity has met regularly online throughout 2020 and has achieved a degree of collaboration greater than any other conference has managed after its culmination, brought a high level of curiousity and enthusiasm for the online edition of the PEXforum 2021.

Michaela Giurgiu reports here…

PEXforum 2021: Philanthropy needs to fight the today’s inequalities or risk becoming obsolete tomorrow

Only if we are ready to use our resources towards working jointly with civil society, with the grassroot organisations, with academia, and… you name it, we can believe our resources reach the places where there is the greatest need for them.

Justyna Duriasz-Bułhak reports here…

PEX Forum 2021 – Philanthropy is stepping out, but into what?

The role of PEX in building trusting relationships, rooted in a common identity and shared values, is crucial not just for the sustainability and utility of philanthropy, but also for its necessary change from within.

Josiane Smith reports here…

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